Workout Plans

Level Up! Get Started with a workout plan. We offer two plans with full exercise demonstrations. You also have the option of a personalized plan!


Working Woman

The "Working Woman" program is a 4 week plan that focuses on stability and strength to go along with simple, fat burning exercises. No weights are needed for this program! This plan is recommended for women at the Beginner/Intermediate level.  Get started for just $19.99!

Man at Work

The "Man at Work" program is meant to build strength and muscle through a set of simple exercises. It is a 4 week plan. No weights are needed as this plan is recommended for those just getting started as well as men who are familiar with working out. This plan is also only $19.99!

Personalized Plan

A personalized plan is always a great route to go.  For those that know what their goals are and what they want out of a workout plan, this is the one for you! A 4-week plan will be made specifically around what best suits you and your health!  This option allows you to email what you would like specifically and is just $59.99!


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21 Day Challenge!

- Guaranteed results within a week/days!

- List of Workouts!

- Full Video Demonstrations!

- Designed for both Men & Women!

- Over 100 exercises!